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Hygienic Quarantine

Passengers entering or leaving China are subject to hygienic inspection by border quarantine offices at ports opened to foreigners.

Those who carry such unusual articles as microorganisms, human body tissues, biological products, and blood and its products, should declare to the quarantine department, and submit these articles to quarantine inspections. Those who have brought, or consigned for shipment, luggage or objects, which may cause the spread of contagious diseases should accept quarantine inspections. The quarantine inspection department is obliged to handle or destroy foodstuffs, drinks and aquatic products contaminated by contagious diseases.

Passengers from areas infested with yellow fever should, when entering China, present to the quarantine department effective certificates showing that they have been inoculated against yellow fever. Those who have failed to present valid certificates shall be retained for observation for six days beginning from the day they left the infested area, or they shall be inoculated and retained until the certificates come into effect.

It is the task of the Chinese quarantine department to deny entry to foreigners suffering AIDS, venereal diseases, leprosy, mental diseases and open tuberculosis.


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