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Telephones and Useful Numbers

Passengers can dial international or domestic long-distance calls in their hotel rooms, and the expenses are included in the hotel bill. You may also make phone calls in post offices and public phone booths, where you are asked to pay right after you have finished your call. When you make a domestic long-distance call, remember to dial the area zip code before dialing the number you want. When making an international call, you should dial 00, the country code and the area zip code before dialing the number of the person you want to talk to ( if the area code of a given country begins with 0, delete it when you make the call). International and domestic long-distance calls and local calls can also be made in telephone booths using magnetic cards or IC cards.

86   - China country code

110 - Police
119 - Fire alarm
120 - Ambulance
112 - Inner-city telephone mishap
113 - Domestic long-distance call operator
114 - Local phone directory
115 - International long-distance call operator
116 - Information on domestic long-distance call
117 - Time
121 - Weather forecast

These phone numbers, which are effective anywhere in China, will not be repeated in our introductions to tourist cities.


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